While you can vote for Jane in person on election day August 4, we recommend that you vote using an absentee ballot.P1010374-VoteHere  With the passage of Proposal 3 in November 2018, a reason is no longer required when requesting an Absentee Ballot.  All registered voters may now vote from home.

Some residents are already on a list to receive an application for an absentee ballot for every election.  Those people will receive their application for a ballot for the primary election in late May or early June of 2020.

If you are not on this list you can download a form to request an absentee ballot using the link below.  Mailing instructions are on the form.  AbsentVoterApp-AnnArbor

The Primary Ballot

The ballot for the August 4 Primary has four sections.  The first section is called the Partisan section and has two columns – one for the Democratic Party and one for the Republican Party.  You can only vote in one of these columns.  If you vote for candidates in more than one column, your ballot won’t be counted.

Jane is running in the Democratic Primary.  You don’t need to be a Democrat to vote in the Democratic section.

To see a sample ballot click on this link: SampleBallot-AnnArborWard2-Aug2020  You can go to city hall at any time and ask for an absentee ballot, complete it on the spot, and turn it in.

If you have an absentee ballot already you may want to take it to city hall and drop it in one of the two ballot boxes inside city hall.  The U.S. Mail has been particularly slow of late.  Go to the city hall entrance on Ann St. The entrance and ballot box are close enough that you don’t need to park your car.


Ballot Box inside city hall

For more details on voting and registering to vote in Ann Arbor, go to the Voting page on the City’s website.

Key Dates in 2020

City Primary Election: Tuesday, August 4, 2020.  Jane is running in the
Democratic primary.  She must win this election to be on the ballot in November.

General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Election Day

Want to vote in person instead of absentee?

  • Where to vote: click here to find your polling place
  • When to vote: Check the city website for times when the polls will be open;

Remember to take your government-issued photo ID to the polls. If you need a ride to the polls, contact us. We’re happy to help!

Questions and Assistance

Click here for voting information from the City of Ann Arbor including a map of Ward 2 boundaries.  Contact Team Lumm at (734) 972-5846 or with questions.

Jane can’t win without your vote!