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Recent articles in local newspapers reveal some of Jane’s stances on various issues.  Click on a title in the Table of Contents to be taken to the full article.

Getting to Know Ann Arbor City Council Member Jane Lumm

(WDIV-Detroit, July 28, 2020).  Jane answered five questions for WDIV reporter Sarah Parlette.  What are the main issues in Ward 2, what are the biggest issues in Ann Arbor, why did you decide to run again for city council, what could Ann Arbor do better, and what do you love about Ann Arbor.

Democratic City Council Candidates for Ward 2 participate in virtual forum

(Michigan Daily, June 5, 2020). The Democratic candidates for Ward 2 of City Council participated in an online forum via Facebook Live Thursday evening. Participants included Jane Lumm, D-Ward 2, who is running for re-election and Linh Song, board president of the Ann Arbor District Library, who is running against Lumm. Around 75 people attended the forum virtually.


Link to the forum on YouTube.  About 40 minutes long.

Recovery Plan for Downtown Ann Arbor Businesses

(Ann Arbor News, June 2, 2020).  Showing her support for downtown business and her leadership on City Council, Jane Lumm co-sponsored a resolution Council passed unanimously Monday night June 1 [Tuesday morning June 2].  It will permit selected weekend street closures in Main St., State St., and South University areas for restaurants and bars to offer outdoor seating.  This innovation responds creatively to indoor seating restrictions from the COVID-19 crisis.

Housing Density and City’s A2Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan

(Ann Arbor News, May 27, 2020)  The A2Zero plan is an ambitious effort to drastically change the way the city and its residents live and work.  The price tag is estimated to be $1 billion.  Lumm is concerned about the impact of the plan on neighborhoods throughout the city.

Mayor’s Partial Veto of Council Resolution

(Ann Arbor News, May 24, 2020) In the face of a massive budget shortfall the Council is forced to examine all planned expenditures to find ways to make the budget balanced before the May 31 deadline.  Lumm proposed, and Council passed, a resolution that all city expenditures should be on the table as Council deliberates about possible cuts.  This includes monies from the annual rebate the city gets from a county mental health and public safety tax.  The mayor vetoed that part of the resolution.  The debate between Lumm and the mayor illustrates her principled look at budget issues while supporting expenditures that protect the most vulnerable in the city.

Ann Arbor Property Tax Payments

(Ann Arbor News, May 5, 2020)  In light of the financial hardships many taxpayers face during this pandemic, Jane co-sponsored a proposal to waive penalties for late payments of this summer’s property taxes.  “It provides some temporary relief to taxpayers who are struggling while doing so at a reasonable cost to the city.”

Ann Arbor’s A2Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan

(Ann Arbor News, April 21, 2020)  Noting that the city and residents are facing economic uncertainty with COVID-19, and that the city is simultaneously embarking on a multimillion-dollar affordable housing initiative, Lumm argued the A2Zero plan isn’t ready for implementation.  Instead of officially adopting the $1-billion A2Zero plan, Jane convinced her colleagues to receive the plan, thank city staff for their work on it, and directed staff to now develop a funding plan and framework for prioritizing the many recommended actions.

New Transit-Supported Zoning Districts

(Ann Arbor News, April 7, 2020)   Jane resists the proposal at this time.  “Even without COVID-19, the timing is not right,” she said, arguing the city should do a comprehensive update of its master plan first or concurrently.  “Major decisions like this — to add a zoning classification — shouldn’t be made in a vacuum,” she said.